Update v 0.3.7

- Stamina recover after 0.2s instead of .5s.

- Overheat faster full cool-down from 2 sec to 1 sec.

- Stamina drive forces now with a power curve instead of linear. 0.5 stamina is equivalent to 0.25 forces, while 1 stamina is still 1 force. (it was hard to see a forces difference between 1 and 0.5 stamina in most cases because max forces are very high to handle all rapid moves, and halving it was not visually enough).

- Added real time correction for position and rotation of some body's parts. this reduce jerking and stabilize animations.

- Added more transition when moving, also reducing jerking.

- Review of some moves. now it's easier to throw weapon because throw moves cover more distance.

- Fixed overheat where cool-down was applied during heating.

- Legs now do longer steps when sprinting.

- Legs take a better stable position at rest.

- Wider legs and arms colliders. (will reduce bodies interlacing and miss hits).

- Added some in-air flexes.

- Review fx when attracting weapons.

- Balanced more sound volume globally.

- Reduced saw trap spinning duration (to reduce loud saw sound total duration).

- Elevated min height of camera in arena.

- Clarify UI match making selection of human/ai.

- Allow player selection in matchmaking with d-pad or A/B buttons.

- Bigger text for stats when editing robots parts.

- Left stick can now select robots parts when editing.

- Better runtime memory management.

- Added gamepad vibrations.


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