Update v .4.2

  • Camera is now fully sync with physics cycle, resulting in a much more fluid image even with high speed movements.
  • Tuned camera moves (height, target, speed...)
  • Redesigned damage system : better physics for damages, all weapon's damage reviewed.
  • New balance for health, stamina and player's stats : globally less health damage for longer rounds, and increased stamina recovery for more engaging fights.
  • Removed overheat. players no more lost stamina when attacking. (replaced by discreet per-damage dedicated anti-spam system)
  • Reviewed hit fx on robots (visuals more dynamic).
  • Chains bounds are more springly to allow easier escapes when players are blocked in.
  • Laser wall bounds do only stamina damage, and lasers look less large.
  • Fixed ai not attacking with punch when too near of opponent.
  • Review of sword pose when equiped.


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Sep 24, 2023

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