Update v .4.3 : Auto Target

  • Auto-target : A new unified and simplified mode for targeting opponents. Just move toward them, stop worrying about the Y button.

  • More graphics settings :
    - vSync. (recommended over a frame rate target)
    - Target Frame Rate. (30, 60, 120)
    - Application can run in Background. (useful for streaming)
    - Full Screen / Windowed.

  • Better slow motion timing. (reduced for jumps, increased for serious damages)
  • Improved fx when teleporting in Meta world.
  • Fixed : chained weapons sometime set as usable with broken chain.
  • Fixed : weapons could spawn even with "none" match's setting.
  • Fixed : press trap sometimes not killing when closed with player fully inside.
  • Fixed : camera was positioning for fight between same team winners at end of round.
  • Fixed : laser-sword motion-blur fx inconsistency.
  • Fixed : broken match settings with team damage, traps, vibrations, AI-level... (from 4.2)
  • Fixed : Detached limbs could sill trigger damages. (from 4.2)
  • Fixed : broken laser bounds without sound or fx. (from 4.2)
  • Fixed : weapons sometimes stuck in air at spawn. (from 4.2)


inputchaos demo.zip 106 MB
Oct 08, 2023
inputchaos.zip 106 MB
Oct 08, 2023

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