Update v .4.4 : A little big update

This update enhances visuals, artificial intelligence, damage behavior, and camera functionality for an overall improved gaming experience. It's a better starting point for new players.

  • Drastically more fluid camera in combat.
  • Drastically improved stability and accuracy when measuring damage amount from collisions. (more coherent damage -> more controls in fight).
  • Restored throw damage with Lasergun, Blastgun, and Lasercutter.
  • Improved AI jumps behavior in combat.
  • AI can unstuck itself when behind chain bounds.
  • Restored AI victorious jumps.
  • Increased slow motion probability for death with various weapons.
  • Improved visuals for Lasergun fire and hit.
  • Improved visuals for BlastGun load and fire.
  • Improved visuals for LaserCutter fire.
  • Improved visuals for LaserGrid trap hit.
  • Improved visuals for Saw trap hit.
  • Arena's ground less bright (better focus on action).
  • Arena's border more visible.
  • Fixed : Guard from arms was not stopping health damage from melee.
  • Fixed : Undesired line fx sometime showing when players teleport.
  • Fixed : Players teleported with weapons got sometime brutal acceleration.
  • Fixed : Players could get through arena's limit colliders and fall into abyss.
  • Fixed : Chained weapon without user could trigger slow-motion when link break from damage.
  • Light change in combat UI : rounder health and stamina bars, colors of points more visible.


inputchaos demo.zip 106 MB
Oct 18, 2023
inputchaos.zip 106 MB
Oct 18, 2023

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