Update v .4.6 : Instructions

  • Reviewed tutorials as a set of sequential instructions for improved accessibility and clarity.
  • Added a "just in case" visual hint for the first-time player in deathmatch.
  • Reviewed torso and pelvis force parameters for smoother animations.
  • Increased ground friction, reducing the distance robots slide after taking damage and resulting in more concentrated, intense fights.
  • Adjusted the movement of robots' legs in the walking animation.
  • Reviewed the weight of the sword.
  • Reviewed weapons attraction visual effects.
  • Reviewed some texts appearance.
  •  Fixed: a case where the camera couldn't choose a side to place and remained in the middle.
  • Fixed: lava visual effects sometimes not playing when a robot falls into lava.
  • Fixed: AI not jumping when attacking without weapons.
  • Fixed: deactivated AI could still trigger target events, activating the target arrow visual.


inputchaos demo.zip 106 MB
Nov 02, 2023
inputchaos.zip 106 MB
Nov 02, 2023

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