Update v .3.0 : Weapons Update

  • Weapons :
    • Added nunchakus.
    • Shields now bounce gun shots.
    • Flails can now stab into opponent.
    • Laser cutter health damage  x2.
    • Sword now can only be stolen by its handle.
    • Balanced laser sword length.
    • Better laser sword fx when moving.
    • Added live ammos visual on laser gun.
    • Added smoke fx to blast gun.
    • Up to 4 spawns per weapon type, max 20 total weapons spawns in deathmatch.
    • AIs can make victorious weapon throws.
  • In Fight UI :
    • Added per player team color visuals in DeathMatch's UI.
  • Other :
    • Default move mode for deathmatch is now "screen mode".


inputchaos demo.zip 102 MB
Apr 26, 2022
inputchaos.zip 102 MB
Apr 26, 2022

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