Update v 0.3.5 : New target inputs

  • New inputs for the target system. Now it uses the Y button and the left stick.
  • Simplified move inputs by removing move modes. Now screen mode only.
  • Bloom fx is now correct on display with higher resolution than 1920 * 1080. (was to low on 4k screen)
  • Fixed some player inputs still active after death.
  • Fixed round counter not reseting in practice.
  • Fixed random yellow square showing up in air. (trail's mesh of laser sword not initializing at spawn)

You have an idea ? Input Chaos has now a Discord ! https://discord.gg/7YduWe9pz2


inputchaos demo.zip 102 MB
May 20, 2022
inputchaos.zip 102 MB
May 20, 2022

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